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The United States honors its breaking away from England and becoming its own country today. The break went right down to Noah Webster writing an American Dictionary of the English language (first published 1828) which laid the foundation for the differences between the way English is written and used between the two countries.

However, that bit of trivia is at most a sidebar to where I'd like to take this entry. Actually, while the above points out how completely we wanted to break away (well, maybe 2/3rd of the American Colonists wanted to break away, ... from the figures I heard 1/3 remained loyal to the Crown during the revolution and a good many of the decedents of those loyalists families are still living up in Canada, but again this is sidebar stuff), the point I really want to make today is the Revolutionary War was a war.

I've heard that somewhere around 25,000 people died as a result of the American Revolution. Not many US deaths compared to later wars: 625,000 some in the American Civil War; 116,000 in WWI; 405,000 in WWII, even the Korean War killed over 36,000; and the Vietnam War had 58,000 some deaths.

War is ... war; People die. 25,000 some died to create the Independence of the United States. Given the population of the colonists back then that was nearly 1% of the total. One percent of the population of the United States today would be somewhere around 3 million people.

Last night, I watched a fireworks display in honor of American Independence Day. The fireworks were set to 12 songs. The songs were:

BON JOVI - Living on a Prayer
LENNY KRAVITZ - American Woman
RIHANNA - Don't Stop the Music
PRINCE - Let's Go Crazy
KILLERS - Mr. Brightside
GWEN STEFANI - The Sweet Escape
GOOD CHARLOTTE - I Don't Wanna Be In Love
KAYNE WEST - Stronger
K. T. TUNSTALL - Black Horse and the Cherry Tree
MATCHBOX TWENTY - How Far We've Come

Now some of those songs I like, and the fireworks display itself was spectacular. However, what does any of those songs have to do with honoring this day of American Independence?

I'm all for people having fun, but I think we should also keep in mind the reasons the holidays were created too.

My little essay's over. Now go put a hot dog on the grill and enjoy a baseball game.
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