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Road to Perdition (no spoilers) [Jul. 13th, 2002|02:00 am]
Nite Mirror
So I said I was going to see Road To Perdition with friends? Well, I saw the movie and *then* I saw my friends.

I got there an hour early, sat on a bench by where they *had* to pass by me and started people watching. (Note to self: must people watch at that multiplex more often) So 15 minutes before the movie starts I figure I better wander into the theater thinking I missed them in the crowds. So I go in and look around. I don't see them. I sit down near the back where I always like to sit for movies and had a fairly good view of most of the theater as well as the *only* door in. Still no one.

Well, the movie starts. I knew they were there somewhere, but too late now. Road to Perdition is a good movie and I did spot K in several scenes although all of them were blink and you would miss her moments (as I said in the earlier entry K was an extra in the movie).

As for the movie itself, it was very good. Although as I said in my earlier entry it is not the type of movie I normally would go see. A bit more violence than I care for and not enough jokes (although there were some funny scenes that I did laugh at). After the movie I finally saw K and crew sitting near the front and I walked out with them.

Now it is past time I was in bed and asleep.