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[Jul. 30th, 2008|12:31 pm]
Nite Mirror
I just found the following in the Steve and Johnnie yahoo group I belong to, and I know I've fondly mentioned Chicago Ed in this journal a time or two, and even talked about his health problems in the past. Well, anyway, I thought some reading this journal might be interested in the following and perhaps even want to send Ed Schwartz a card care of the WGN address below too.

The email from the S&J group:
-start of email-


Many of you long time WGN radio listeners may remember Chicago Ed
Schwartz,for a long time Eddie did the good neighbor food drive at
Christmas time, the money and food collected went to the greater
Chicago food depository. If you remember Ed had the all night stuff
(now done by our great hosts Steve and Johnnie. Eddie worked at both
WIND before coming to WGN.

I was watching the WGN morning news, Dean Richards told the audience
that Chicago Eddie was in a nursing home due to respiratory problems
and weight issues. Dean also informed the audience that if you
wanted to send a card to Ed you could send it to him at WGN TV and
he will forward all cards to Ed. If you wish to send a card to Ed,
here is how to do that:

Send your cards to:

Eddie Schwartz
In Care Of Dean Richards
WGN Television
2501 West Bradley Place
Chicago, Illinois


-end of email-