Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

grrrr Regained customer lost again

About a year ago, someone bought some little blown glass statues I sell. My blown glass stuff, while some of the most beautiful items I sell are also (being blown glass) the most fragile too. Due to poor shipping (which has since changed) I couldn't get her what she wanted in one piece after 2 attempts. Well, I gave that person a bunch of freebie items to make up for it, but I feared I lost her as a customer.

Yesterday I got another order from that person. What she wants is out of stock and I can't get it until at least September. :::::angry growl:::::: She's never going to order from me again. Two botched orders in a row.

:::::sigh:::::: Now I have to figure out how to write her a letter telling her I can't get what she wants. :-/
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