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[Aug. 6th, 2008|12:54 pm]
Nite Mirror
I just heard on the radio that ten years ago today, Jack Brickhouse died. I've talked about Jack Brickhouse in this journal before. He was the Cubs broadcaster of my youth. Throughout all those horrible Cubs teams of the 1970's Jack would be the eternal optimist. No matter how far down in the score the Cubs were (and during the 1970's they almost always were losing and losing by a lot) Jack would always talk about how the Cubs could make a comeback to win the game even going into the 9th inning with the Cubs down by 7 or 8 runs.

When you watch a Cubs game and see those foul poles with the words "Hey, Hey" on them think of Jack Brickhouse. That was the tribute the Cubs did for Jack.

Back when that other Cubs broadcaster died a short time before Jack (if I remember right, Jack collapsed and died while preparing to go to Harry Caray's funeral).

The Cubs honored Harry Caray with a statue. A lot of people, myself included, felt Jack was slighted with the Cubs only placing those words on the foul pole in honor of Jack Brickhouse compared to Harry Caray's statue.

Well, the city of Chicago righted that wrong itself. Jack's statue is on Chicago's Michigan Avenue.