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I've said I'm apolitical in this journal. I grew up, and still live,… - Nite Mirror — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Nite Mirror

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[Aug. 28th, 2008|02:10 pm]
Nite Mirror
I've said I'm apolitical in this journal. I grew up, and still live, in an area where there is only one political party which dictates who the mayor of my town is. Any time the other party tries to start up in this area it is crushed before it can get a foothold. That kind of politics doesn't engender me to politics on any level; local, county, state, or federal.

However, I do occasionally form opinions. Up until a few days ago I was neutral to Mr. Obama with my only opinion of the guy being he looks almost too skinny to be healthy and should eat a bit more and plump himself up some. Within the last 24 hours though, I've heard a number of things that I don't care for about him.

First his "joke" at Cubs fans expense which some people are saying has a grain of truth. On this point, I don't think it was fair white washing Cubs nation that way. There *are* families who go to the ballpark; when cubs fans stay till the last out in the 9th inning (win or lose Cubs nation is noted for staying the whole game as compared to other teams' fans) the majority *are* watching the last pitch and not watching the pretty people which may or may not be around them.

Then last night, I was, as usual, listening to WGN. Extension 720 had a gentleman who admittedly was ... how can I phase it fairly? ... Um, doing research into Obama's past that the Obama camp wasn't happy about. Well, they were invited to give their side and declined to send a representative as being too busy to have someone from his main headquarters in Chicago just down the block from the WGN studios. The two buildings are within walking distance.

Yet they weren't so busy as to organize a phone and email bombing campaign against that radio show swamping it with uncivil and uneducated calls and emails. Having callers admitting they didn't even know the topic, but were just told to call and "be angry."

I listen to that show on a semi-regular basis (usually when he's talking history or linguistics, and not politics). I know Mr. Rosenberg isn't a fan of Obama, and that program does have an very conservative slant when it comes to politics. I also know Milt Rosenberg is a fair man and willing to give opposing opinions air time and regularly has guests whose opinions he disagrees with. He may not tolerate fools on his program; however put up a valid, civil argument for your on-topic opinion, and he will listen to it, broadcast it over his program, and talk with you politely about it.

Heck, for the sake of a well rounded program, I've heard him ask guests whose opinion he agrees on more than one occasion to play devil's advocate and tell his listeners the opposition's view if someone with an opposing view isn't represented on his show.

I was going to continue my rant, but I think I'm worked up enough. Besides that, I'm out of time too. I should have left here 15 minutes ago.