Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I've been thinking a lot about H; Nothing unusual there.

Basically, it's been more or less the same old same old for me lately.

For some time I've been writing one sentence in tlhIngan Hol almost daily in a private journal I'm keeping. I don't think that little token effort is really brushing off my admittedly very rusty tlhIngan Hol, but I do think it's keeping me from losing what little skill I still have in that language.

There is one new thing. On a lark, I started looking up Esperanto websites last week and I've been teaching myself Esperanto. I'm still at a very basic level there, but I've got enough under my belt that I'm now adding a sentence of Esperanto along with my daily tlhIngan Hol sentence. So far, Esperanto seems pretty straight forward.

About the only weirdness (if you want to call it that), is the Esperanto verb for "to be" doesn't take a direct object. It either states something's existence or states equalities and so it would be wrong to add the suffix indicating a direct object in a sentence using that verb (nothing is being done to anything -- so no direct object is the reasoning given). Fawn estas mia hondo. (Fawn is my dog--no direct object in the sentence) -- La katoj rigardis mian hondon (The cats looked at my dog -- now "my dog" is the direct object so it needs the "n" at the end.)

Kaj, Ili rigardos la mian, 'a cha'DIch DoS 'e'.

Ah, no more targets for this entry. Hmm, coffee and an early start to the day, or back to bed for this insomniac and try for some sleep?
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