Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I was going to finish cutting the grass that I didn't finish yesterday. Um, it's 91 F outside -- that's 32.8 C for you other guys who use the wrong temp scale ;) -- and there is an air quality alert in effect for my area right now too. I think I'll wait another day to finish cutting the grass.

Ground out another $1.35 at poker today. Yeah, nothing to write to Giorgio Napolitano about, especially since I don't even know the Italian president.

After H asked what website I was learning Esperanto at, I realized that I'm almost through with the lessons they have there, and started thinking what I'd do when I do get through the last lesson.

I think I know the site I'll switch to. My first impression of it makes me think it's orientated toward kids though, At least that site is both free and actively teaches Esperanto, the one I'm working with now hasn't been updated since the mid '90s from a little last update note I saw.

Wow, just heard on the radio that Don LaFontaine and Jerry Reed both died. :/
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