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Being a Cubs fan, I've been holding my breath this season. I heard… - Nite Mirror — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Nite Mirror

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[Sep. 3rd, 2008|02:48 pm]
Nite Mirror
Being a Cubs fan, I've been holding my breath this season. I heard on the radio the Cubs magic number is 20. It's too soon to be talking magic numbers. Maybe when the number is below 10, but with the Cubs having their worst losing streak in a long time right now, ...

Ah, just remember people despite having lost [mumbles] in a row, they are still 31 games over 500 ... phenomenal.

I only had time to play a half hour of poker today. Ground out a whopping 89 cents during that half hour. lol

I also joined lernu. Now that I've explored that website more, it's not as child oriented as my first impression made me think. I also signed up for their word of the day email. I know I haven't been a member for a whole day yet, but I keep thinking I should have received my first word of the day email by now. :::::shrugging::::: I know, I know, give it more time.

I'm tempted to write a bit on my opinion of the whole philosophy behind the creation and ideals of Esperanto -- World peace through a universal language was and more or less still is it's driving ideal. A beautiful one that I think is fundamentally flawed and I do hope it could happen, but human nature being what it is, I don't give it the chance some others do. lol there, I did just give into temptation and give my opinion on it.

Still, I do like agglutinative languages, and Esperanto, like tlhIngan Hol (the other constructed language I know) certainly is an agglutinative language. You can have a small base of root words, but with all the affixes, create tons of meaning with those few root words.

bah, I just glanced at the clock. Once again, I'm late. Later, ya'll.

From: billchapman
2008-09-03 08:20 pm (UTC)

Esperanto and ideals

I'm not sure that everyone who uses Esperanto is an idealist. I for one don't think that wider use of Esperanto will bring world people. It does serve as a medium for frienships across frontiers, and can be a practical help to anyone interested in the wider world.
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[User Picture]From: nitemirror
2008-09-04 12:03 am (UTC)

Re: Esperanto and ideals

Yes, perhaps I shouldn't have painted with such a broad brush.

I think I was colored in my opinion a bit by what I read here:


Plus, I've just been reading a bit too much about Mr. Zamenhof along with my beginner lessons. From the brief bio's I've read about him, along with being a gifted self-taught linguist; Mr. Zamenhof placed too much emphasis on thinking that equality of language (and his failed attempt at equality of religion too) would solve a good deal of the world's problems.

Although the time he lived in was a much different time from today too. Neither of the world wars had occurred yet, the Italy of today had formed during Mr. Zamenhof's lifetime, ...

Don't mind me, I'm prone to digress off topics, and a fair amount of my foolish digressions wind up in one or another of my online journals when usually there just meant to help me process and/or remember things. It seems lately I've been falling into the trap of making too many generalizations (and maybe with this reply too much off-topic digression too).

Sorry, if I was a bit long winded here.
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