Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

One of my guilty pleasures is the Destroyer series of books. Partly because it is one of the few interest my Dad and I share. Almost 20 years ago Dad gave me my first Distorter book. Now, I'm letting him read my copies of the newest paperbacks in that 30 year old (128 books -- #129 due out in October) series.

I just finished reading #128 The End of the Beginning. That series is coming full circle too. From what I hear #130 is going to be written as the last book in the series.

The apprentice is now the master in those books, the old master is getting ready to retire and showing signs of aging. Sometimes in these books where Remo and Chuin have a father and son type relationship, especially in these later books, I see my dad and myself in them.

Chuin, being the Reigning Master of the glorious house of Sinanju, ages well. Remo, that pale piece of pig's ear (as Chuin would say), is as thick headed as ever (just ask Chuin), but Remo is in his prime, about to become the Reigning Master of Sinanju and has been thinking about taking an apprentice of his own.

Since he retired my Dad hasn't aged well, but he's still going strong. Me, well, ...

Moving on, basically I guess I'm just saying what I always say. The circle keeps on turning. Which means it's past time I got something else to say ...

"The police aren't there to create disorder; The police are there to preserve disorder."
-- Richard J. Daily, Sr.

Hmm, no that won't be it.
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