Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Who do you trust?

Last night as usual I had the radio on and wasn't really paying complete attention to it. Apparently someone did a poll on who Americans trust and they were talking about it some late last night on the radio. The question started echoing in my head.

This poll and what I am about to write about is not dealing with a person's friends and family. The ones I am wondering about are those nameless categories of people. On the radio I heard them talking about Catholic Priests and how with the sex scandals in the church their reputation has taken a hit. Just a few weeks ago I saw a video of a cop hitting a handcuffed kid. Accounts? Can you say Enron, Anderson, and WorldCom?

Who do you trust these days?

I have been asking myself that question. Who do I trust? My doctor, yes, but Doctors in general ... no. I still remember the one who told my mom to her face "if you get a second opinion on my diagnosis, don't come back to me." She got one and didn't go back to him. That was after years of having that person as her doctor too.

So who do I trust? I don't know. I guess I'll just follow the old saying, "Trust, but be sure to cut the cards."
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