Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Everyone on the radio has been talking about last night's Cubs loss. I'm finding it strange that the focus is not on the poor pitching that I think should take a good 75% of the blame, but something I'll generously give 8% of the blame (and I think that's an inflated percentage), and so, I guess I'll focus on that aspect of the game here too.

The "10th player" wasn't playing. In other words, the fans in the stands weren't supporting the Cubs last night. It was an unusually quiet crowd, and even more unusually there weren't as many people wearing Cubbie Blue in the stands either. Given how the radio has been, rightly, pointing out when the that south side team requested all the fans show up in the Sox colors they littered the stands with Sox Black.

I didn't think it would even need to be pointed out on the radio that Cubs fans need to wear the Cubs colors or make noise at important points in the game. We've done that all year without any encouragement, until last night. Heck, even at some of our away games this past year Cubs Nation managed to match or even outnumber the home team fans.

I hate to say it, but the WGN sports guy had a point when he said the White Sox fans put the Cubs fans to shame when Cellular Field filled with black clad fans rooting the Sox into the post-season on Tuesday compared to the Cubs game on Wednesday.

While most importantly, I hope both our bats and Big Z's pitching are on their A games today. No matter what though, I hope the fans at Wrigley actually act like Cubs fans tonight too.

Go, Cubs!
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