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I'm off to bed soon, but I wanted to put a few things in here. The… - Nite Mirror — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Nite Mirror

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[Jul. 31st, 2002|01:15 am]
Nite Mirror
I'm off to bed soon, but I wanted to put a few things in here.

The last few days have been ... interesting in the Chinese curse "may you live in interesting times" way. The week started with my father pulling one of his usual things. He had been itching for a fight all weekend. I gave it to him when he decided to turn his attention on me. To the point where I ending things by saying "I don't want to hear it, goodbye," and walked out of my folks' house then and there.

Well, he's made nice since then (his idea of an apology is going out of his way to make small talk to show he's put things behind him rather than actually saying the "s" word -- "sorry" not the other "s" word). I've lost the feeling I had of never wanting to talk to him again. :::::sigh:::::: Sometimes I really wish I could hold a grudge, but it's just not in me. Give me a few more days and I'll prob. be giving him more than just short answers to his questions.

To more pleasant things, I saw Minority Report tonight. It is a great movie. I liked it much better than Road to Perdition, but then again sci-fi is more my genre too.

One weird thing happened in the theater. When that kid who tore my ticket -- You know the one. He's been cloned and is in all theaters world wide. Um, anyway, ... When he tried to give me my ticket back it was jerked out of my hand. He thought I dropped it and tried to catch it. Then he dropped it -- but it didn't fall.

The kid just stood there with a dumb look on his face as the half ticket hovered a few inches below his hand. I chuckled and said "magic" then grabbed it from the air. I felt the tug from the hair or whatever it was that attached it to his hand when it broke as I took it, but judging by the amazed look on the kid's face he didn't. So I left him with the idea he had just done some magic -- which he had.

Finally, just as I started typing this I heard one of Springsteen's new songs on the radio, Empty Sky. All I can say is I have to have the Boss' new CD. I liked him years ago, and this one with the 9/11 theme through it ... well, I have to get it.

From: joyofmacs
2002-07-31 05:37 am (UTC)
I always remember my mother as being difficult to deal with. The best way I deal with it is the way you did. Ending the conversation. You stop the undeserved verbal abuse and make them THINK without getting them all fused up.

The one time I really tried to stick up for myself it blew up in my face and although I had not done anything wrong, it still felt wrong.

Blessed are the children of parents who really are wonderful but have problems. I think as we age whatever quirks or faults become more pronounced.

Can only hope that when we get there others will be so tolerant.

Based on your recomendation will sample Empty Sky.
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