Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

So, I just shipped H's laptop back to her now that mine's up and running again.

I'm sipping the coffee I made just before I left to send out her computer. Now that it's sat for a time, it isn't as good as it was before I left. I'm almost tempted to dump this and make another cup.

Anyway, why's it so cold outside? You'd think it was November or something. Coming back from Mom's last night, I actually had to wear gloves. The steering wheel of the car was too cold to comfortably touch.

Speaking of Mom, well, she thinks her eyesight is going on her. We've been seeing a specialist, and that guy thinks it's nothing serious, although he did admit her eyes aren't improving as much as he expected from the treatments he's prescribed for her.

She sees her regular doctor tomorrow. That doctor and I ... well, we had a bad start when getting to know each other. I'll grudgingly admit that the doctor cares more than most for her patients, but she also sticks her nose into parts of her patients' lives that I think she has no business looking into. I really wish Mom would get another primary doctor.

Because there are 9 no-name players in the WSOP's final, I had expected I wouldn't really care about who won the World Series of Poker. However, I am kinda looking forward to watching the final table on TV tomorrow to my surprise.

As I said in my poker journal, I'm not going to predict who will win, but I will admit that for some reason (and despite the guy being a Cardinals baseball fan), I'm going to root for Dennis Phillips to take the WSOP title. After that, well, I know Kelly Kim, being the extreme short stack, is highly unlikely to win, but from all the profiles I've seen on him his sheer enthusiasm and his joy at simply making the final table makes me pull for him to do well too.

So moving on, I filled out a small profile on While not a large amount of writing, it still was the most Esperanto I've written at one time and I'll admit it's no literary work of art. Most of the sentences begin with "Mi ..." (in English words "I ...") it kinda felt very repetitive to me, but it's difficult not to use a personal pronoun when talking about oneself.

Also I got myself confused about using kiun or tiun. I wound up saying "Mi studis Esperanton por malmultaj monatoj kaj ankoraŭ fartas kiun (aŭ tiun? mi malcerta) mi estas longatempe iri kun ĉi-lingvo." Hoping that translates into "I studied Esperanto for a few months and still feel that (or that? I'm not sure) I have a long way to go with this language." Although, the more I think about it, the more I feel kiun was the right "that" word to use to introduce the subordinate clause.

-Overheard quote of the day-

"After burning 150 pieces of wood, you need your chimney cleaned." -- from a radio commercial.
What I want to know is if that is actually a metaphor for something else entirely?
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