Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

My day got off to a running start. Mom called early. She couldn't find her glasses and a visiting nurse was about to show up. So I went over there to find her glasses.

Back here I make my coffee -- or, I think I made it. I go to take it out of the machine and discover hot water. I forgot to put grounds in the machine and so it took two tries to make my coffee. It still tasted off, but I'll be damned if I'd try a 3rd time.

On the good news front, I talked with the guy in charge of taking money from me for the one credit card I'm actually paying off. Since I've just about got that one down, he re-did my payment schedule to ten bucks less each month and I'll still be done with that credit card in January. Then I'll see about doing something about the other one that I've been dodging most of this past year.

Also, I hear the Cubs have the honor of playing the first game in the new Yankee Stadium in exhibition play this coming spring. The news report also said that the Cubs were the Yankee's first choice for their opponents in that first game in their new stadium. That's kinda cool news.

Although, it will be a Cubs team most likely without Kerry Wood. I was sad to hear the Cubs acquired a new closer, which in all likelihood means the Cubs prob. won't renew Woody's contract. I can understand the move; a less skilled closing pitcher with a cheaper, single year contract vs. keeping a good one who would require a 3 year, multi-million dollar contract and who is injury prone.

Understanding it doesn't make it less sad though. It's the same feeling I had when Mark Grace went to the D-Backs (and in that move the Arizona team became my 2nd favorite behind the Cubs) all those years ago.

Finally, I have no idea why I make note of this day each year when I lost track of many more important dates in my life, but 7 years ago today was my first post here on lj. Strange to think it's been that long.
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