Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I moved my last entry into the friends only section. If it hadn't gotten so many comments I prob. would have deleted it like I did with other whining entries I've made.

I feel like I should post some sort of follow up, but ... well, I don't know. Everything that is coming to my mind is either self-contradictory or ... ??? What? Pathetic? Whiny? Yeah, I think that describes it.

I try to be neither of those things. So to avoid it I shut up when I realize I'm headed in those directions. Hence, the last 2 entries (did I really just use the word "hence?!?!" Jeeze, I'm speakin' too good lately).

So now the phrase "Shut up shutting up" is coming to mind. :::::shrugging:::::

I do need to make some major changes. That's been a theme of this journal since my very first entry almost a year ago. I can "talk the talk," but "walking the walk" is something else.
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