Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

My original plan for today was sleep. The best laid plans ... ah, and my half baked ones too ...

Anyway, Mom's had a head cold most of this week, but fearing drug interactions with her prescriptions refused to let me buy her something to help. Well, this morning she calls me absolutely miserable wanting something.

Ok, I drag myself over to the store and buy a bunch of things I know she needs as well as looking for a cold remedy. I look over the stuff the grocery store has in their medicine isle. Just about everything had warnings not to take if you've got some of the conditions Mom has.

So I head over to the only pharmacy open on a Sunday (not the one we use), and ask the on duty pharmacist there to recommend something. I buy what she tells me and take the shopping back to Mom.

So I'm finally back here at my house. I'm tired and prob. will go take a nap after typing this maybe downing some more emergen-c stuff first. I bought that vitamin lace drink powder for both Mom and myself. Mom's had more than I expected her to have of the stuff, and I've been drinking it like crazy myself to try and prevent me from catching her cold.

I know the human body expels excess vitamins and prob. 80% to 90% of the vitamins I'm getting in that stuff is literally going in one end and out the other, but at least I'm guaranteeing that I have all the vitamins I need by drinking as much of that stuff as I have been.

Well, nap time, I think. We'll see what I can salvage of my plan to sleep the day away.
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