Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

It is cold. 18 F (and playing with my handy-dandy conversion thingie that's -7.78 to you Celsius people, any Kelvinists around? it's 256.37 Kelvin that doesn't sound as bad as the other temperatures).

Not much to say really. I'm trying to avoid Mom's cold. Not sure how successful I am at that. I'm not feeling sick really, but I'm also not feeling 100% myself either.

I had a bad weekend at poker. Mentally reviewing my play, I think I spotted a few different holes I worked on plugging today and did turn my game around again. Funny, I used to think I was a good post-flop player, but that was where all the leaks I was working on plugging were located.

Mom has a hair cut appointment tomorrow, but with her cold and how cold the weather is supposed to be too, I think we'll cancel that appointment.

I need to go to city hall today. I was supposed to have paid the water bill for both Mom's and my house last week. I forgot and today's the due date on those bills, so I guess I'll brave the cold to personally hand the checks to one of those two ladies in the water department.

I actually got one present over the weekend for someone. Just waiting for the other half to arrive then I'll box them together and perhaps wrap the box.

Not much else to say and while I know you can't tell, there have been long pauses between each paragraph I've been typing in this entry. Mostly to figure out what to say next, although a stupid daydream did interrupt my typing this entry too.

Hmm, I think I'm just stalling and wasting my time now. I really don't want to move, but I do have to get to city hall and then get to Mom's. There's still plenty of time for both. There's also a ton of stuff I could be doing here in my house -- not could, should be doing.

~sigh~ I guess it's time to build up that willpower muscle I've let get weak over the decades and get off my duff (hmm, didn't even know I had a duff), and get to doing something.


[update] checked my mail after typing this -- got one official looking letter that I thought was going to be from the credit card I owe money to. It wasn't. It was an offer for a new card. lol I haven't paid one of my credit cards most of this year, my credit rating has dropped like a stone, and I'm still getting offers for credit cards.

On the plus side, I also got the second half of the present I mentioned above in today's mail. :)

overheard quote of the day:
"It's amazing what I'll do for free wine."
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