Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

-just notes on my admin'ing the my pirate game's forum-

Since H made me an admin of the pirate forum we have for our flag, I've been checking it several times a day (and usually deleting one to 3 spam posts per day). I've also started going through the member list a few times. I deleted a user who created the account BuyViagria (or something similar) before they even posted.

When I first wandered through the Admin section, I noticed there was a link to something called ban triggers that seems to be some kind of automatic way to ban posts. I'm tempted to study that a bit more and if it works the way I think it does, maybe suggest we start using that feature to automatically weed out some of the spam (being the new admin on the block, I'd want agreement from the others before playing with it).

Plus I have noted two accounts that were registered at the time the spam started with more innocent names. Nothing has been posted using those accounts since registering. I won't do anything to them, but I'd bet they are used by the spammer to watch the forum.

[update: That's weird, I just checked the member list. Everyone who registered in 2008 has disappeared from the registered member list. I didn't do it.]


Not much else to say right now. It's no secret that I'm not a morning person, and since I woke up today I've been dragging as much if not more than usual through the morning. It's a bit pasted noon, and while I feel myself getting a bit better, I'm still dragging more than I usual do at this time.
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