Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

This entry then bed I think. There's the same old dark thoughts stuck in my head. I won't bore y'all repeating them.

When I was over at Mom's I thought of perhaps writing one of my micro-stories (more pictures in words than a story as those things are usually well under 1,000 words). The image that popped into my head was a broken string puppet on the shelf of a toy store and a kid looking at it wondering who would buy a broken toy monkey puppet much less one with such a high price tag.

I'm not interested in putting that down now. :::::shrugging:::::


That used DVD player I bought should arrive Thursday.

I also shouldn't have bought the philosophy book I did buy at the same time. It's scheduled to arrive ... I was going to say tomorrow, but I guess technically it's later today.

From what I've seen of Alain De Botton's PBS television show on philosophy, I think I'll like the book that it was based upon. Plus, I want to read the chapter on Seneca. Since that episode, I've been bumping into references to Seneca everywhere; The local NPR station, amazon book recommendations, ... even Mom's religious TV channel (apparently Roman Catholic theologians like Seneca's writings too).


The car is making a strange noise. I have a feeling that either the muffler is going or one of the pipes leading to it has a hole in it. Yet another thing to add to my long list of troubles.


After reviewing the CT of Mom's head, Mom's doctor wants her to take another and this time have an ears, nose, and throat specialist look at that one. :::::sigh:::::


Fawn was a bit wild today. The only thing I can think of was she's sensing the changing of the seasons now that it's actually getting a bit warmer. I hope winter is coming to an end. I'm sick of it.

Which brings me to a sign that winter is coming to an end. The Cubs first spring training game is hours away from when I'm typing this (<-- avoiding the today/tomorrow technical issue). It will be good to hear the Pat and Ron Show again (<-- WGN radio listeners will get that reference).


I'm tempted to stare at this computer screen and just keep rambling on about whatever else pops into my head. Hmm, like should Washington D.C. have a seat in the House of Representatives and does that Utah representative have a point that it shouldn't?

Yeah I know, the weirdest stuff goes through my head, but the constant breeze from all that is rather pleasant even if the actual thoughts aren't always.

Well, I should get some sleep. Night all.
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