Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Just a quick update then I need to get running. Mom's been driving me crazy lately. More than usual. Last week we were in the ER because of her. I have a good part of the local hospital's floor plan memorized from how often I've been there over the years. She's recovering at home from some stuff I won't go into -- I'll just say it's nothing serious.

Why I've got to make this quick is because that helper Mom has twice a week paid for by the government has a review and the lady's boss is showing up to ask Mom and I how she's doing. She's doing great. I like/trust this woman more than the people Mom hired to help Dad when he was sick.

Ah, one last thing then I'm off. On the Esperanto front, I finished all the basic Esperanto website based courses at lernu. The next step was signing up for their free email course with a real person. I did that last night. I don't have time to look at the reply, but I see my instructor has already replied to me.

It's funny, while I'm starting to read simple things easily enough. I still can't really compose anything of any length in my head, and the Esperanto podcasts ... well, I'm only picking out every 4 or 5 words they say (although, the more I listen the more I catch I've noticed).

Well, I really need to go. Later all.
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