Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Well, I did sign up for twitter and only put the message that I was currently signing up with twitter as my first tweet. About 24 hours later I check and for some reason 6 people thought that was interesting enough to follow me. I don't get why strangers would want to read about another stranger. Especially when there is practically no information about that person up on the page.

Then again, I did sign up to follow a number of poker pro's and some twitter pages dedicated to posting poker related news (and the Cubs news twitter page too).

4 of my new "Followers" are obviously people very interested in poker judging by their pages. The other two are more poker-news pages. Somehow I don't think my first place win at a 45 person S&g that had a quarter buy-in yesterday would make any major poker news, but two poker news twitter things are following my twitter. lol

I signed up to follow those extra two poker news sites, but the 4 strangers ... ah, I prob. won't return the favor unless I wind up interacting with them at least a bit and find them affable.


In other news, it's nasty outside.


Hmm, not much else and now that I'm back from Mom's I've got a ton of stuff I want done before bed. So I guess I'm off to do them before I fall asleep on my feet.
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