Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

There's some pretty good Booms with the ground shaking outside. I think my city is following through on the threat of ripping up the roads around my area to replace sewer lines.

Twitter seems to be down right now. I was going to post the well known fact that "I'm not a morning person." Oh, well, I can bore the world with that obvious piece of trivia there some other time. In the mean time I'll bore the world with it here instead.

H is taking a big milestone step for herself later today. I think she'd appreciate some good thoughts and encouraging wishes sent in her direction.

Not much to report about myself. Mood's been dipping a bit. I've gotten more lazy than I should be because of it. So much I should do and I'm not really doing much lately.

Ah, I should go to the pet store and get Fawn some more dog food. I prob. will do that a bit later today.

Oh, one interesting internet thing I've been following is a road trip poker player Bryan Devonshire (aka "Devo") has been taking. He's been taking some beautiful pictures of the west coast during his travels. His website is here

[update: just heard on the news the reason twitter is down is because they are under a DOS attack right now.]
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