Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Just finished going through my friends list here. Wanted to comment in several friends journals, but for lack of knowing what to say, I only wound up making a single comment.

Basically this entry is a stall tactic. I have other things I should be doing, but I really don't wantta right now.

I've bemoaned the fact that when I play that pirate game it's usually late at night and I'm the only one in my crew on at that time, well, it seems the situation has changed. The last couple of times I've logged on, a bunch of new recruits to the crew have been on late at night too. One is rather chatty.

I got kind of a chuckle when another greenie asked if I was the officer "on duty" (since I was the highest ranking crew member on). Our crew having duty officers? lol Although, I did have to field some newbie questions from that cabin person, so I guess in essence I did have to step into a training officer's shoes for a bit if not a "duty officer's" job.

I also got my hands on a copy of In the Land of Invented Languages, and have been going through that book at a pretty good pace. It's an easier read than I expected and more of a historic overview on the history of invented languages than going into depth on any one in particular (at least up to the point of read so far). I'd almost have liked a bit more details and depth to the book (from several different interviews I've heard from the author she does know the subject to a far greater depth than what she wrote), but I'm enjoying this book none the less.

Not much else to add that you don't already know. I've been studying Esperanto and getting back to tlhIngan Hol too. It's funny, I'll try to say something in Esperanto, struggle for a word and the Klingon word for what I want comes out of my mouth instead. I'm sort of creating an Esperanto/Klingon pidgen language of my own by accident. Just the other day I was trying to remember the Esperanto word {ĉambro} and {pa'} came to mind instead (the word for room/chamber).

I also trashed my flash card program for tlhIngan Hol and am rebuilding it concentrating on the 500 or so words that are part of the level one certificate for the language. Not that I'll ever take that test, but I realized while I know a good part of the language, I also skipped learning a number of the basic words somehow too.

Ah, I don't want to get moving, and I could prattle on (at least two more topics come to mind immediately that I was thinking of mentioning here), but I prob. should do some cleaning to my house before I head to Mom's. I was thinking of going to the laundromat today, but I no longer have time for doing that. It sucks not having your own washer/dryer.

Well on that note, I'll take my leave for now.
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