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Where to start? I'm doing fairly well at poker lately. Nothing… - Nite Mirror — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Nite Mirror

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[Sep. 6th, 2009|11:48 pm]
Nite Mirror
Where to start?

I'm doing fairly well at poker lately. Nothing really brag worthy beyond that, although poker does seem to be one of the few things I seem to do well.

I got an invite to join an internet chess tournament through that internet chess club I joined all those years ago that taught me how poorly I play that game (1200 is an average rating, mine was somewhere in the 800's when I was active with the club). I think I'll keep my inactive status with that club.

I've been thinking that starting tomorrow I'm going to review my daily routine and try going back to a more regimented one again. I've got so much in my life that needs to be done, I need to start organizing my time better again.

Funny, seems like I had a ton of stuff I wanted to bring up here, but ... I was about to say I'm drawing a blank on what else. I just remembered one thing.

I sent a message out to the tlhIngan Hol email group earlier this week. Upon reflection, I realized I shouldn't have sent it and have avoided checking that email account since then out of embarrassment. HIvqa' veqlargh

I don't know what else I wanted to touch on here, seemed like there was a lot more though.