Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

It has been a quiet day. I got out my old painting supplies and for the first time in a long time painted. I have the start of a portrait. I won't say of who because judging by my past portrait efforts it will look like it could be someone but it might not be the person who I had in mind at the start.

It felt good to do that again. Painting is a nice meditative activity involving the body and mind. Plus you get to play in paint and get dirty too! The only thing "wrong" with it is it is time consuming. I limited myself to one hour of actual painting time. Which made it 2 hours total when you add in a half hour finding the painting supplies I had tucked away and then another half hour cleanup time at the end too.

Speaking of time consuming. I don't have time to write more. Or even read other's entries like I wanted to do. Oh well. I'll get to it later tonight when I get back.
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