Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
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Things have been almost too quiet around here lately. If I didn't have a get together on Tuesday with K and all to plan for the local town's "dark in the park" event around Halloween. I'd be starting to think of making something interesting happen in my life, but planning to scare the area kids should keep me busy and entertained in my free time.

Tomorrow is H's Mom's birthday. I made arrangements a few weeks ago to make sure she gets some flowers for her birthday. I hope she likes them.

And on the trivial side of things the Cubs ended the baseball season on a winning streak. I won't have much of an excuse to use my Cubbie Bear pic much for a time. Although this will be a busy off season for the Cubs. I have a feeling that looking for a new manager will be just the start of the changes they will make after the pathetic year they just had.
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