Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I'm about to finish the Witchblade marathon I've Netflixed for myself. I enjoyed that series while it was on the air. Although watching it on CD now ... well, I still enjoy it, but I'm not finding it as good as I remembered (and it really jumped the shark for me when the main character magically reset time and they basically started the series over from the first episode).

Anyway, the CD itself got me thinking. On the main menu of all the CD's the phrase "objects and power" is looped over and over. To the point that one night I fell asleep with the CD playing and woke up to that menu saying the phrase over and over, and the next day I had that stuck in my head. Which I guess lead to this entry.

I know objects only have as much power as we give them. How many objects have you put in the garbage today? Then again, I can think of a piece of paper that objectively has almost no value at all; you can't eat it, you can't drink it, in itself it won't so much help fix a minor cut on your finger ... well, I guess you could use it like a bandage, but it wouldn't make a good one. Now that same paper I'm thinking of with a picture of Ben Franklin put on it by the US government, ... well, a lot of people would do any number of things to get, including give you food, drink, even help you with medical problems.

Give an object meaning and then it has power. A picture of a stranger may as well be just a piece of worthless paper to me. The extremely faded picture of my father on his beloved Indian motorcycle taken years before I was born contains a lot of meaning to me; for me it's an object of power. A national flag has power to those patriotic to the nation that flag stands as a symbol representing.

Objects and Power; no they didn't quite get it right. Objects and meaning; there you get your power.

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