Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I have to admit I'm checking/updating lj here less and less, and over on facebook more. Basically, I'm thinking twitter is only for short messages, facebook medium length, and here for the long, big stuff.

So the "long, big stuff" that brought me here today is reading some sad news about a long retired WGN person. Given how long Roy Leonard has been retired, those in the Chicago area would mostly recognize his name as currently doing a few radio commercials if at all.

I remember him having his own radio show and regular appearances on WGN TV back ... Well, so long ago it seems like it was another life.

Getting to the point, a blog entry he made dated June 20th ( tells about a serious fall his wife had.

From reading that entry in his blog, it sounds like his family and he could use some prayers, good thoughts, and/or healing wishes.
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