Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Poker entry, if your not interested, you can stop reading now, but I need to do a little bragging.

I was playing at a table where the preflop raises were rather loose. Just to make a point that I noticed how loose the table was I raised one person holding only bottom pair all the way to the river. Then I told her I noticed she was raising preflop with nothing.

From her denials, she apparently does think that hands like K7 suited were worth preflop raises in early position. rofl.

Anyway, I called her again to the river with another junk hand and admitted to her accusation that I was playing while on crack making sure to add a lot of lol's and rofl's into my nonsense babel.

Then while keeping up the inane/insane babble, I quietly tightened up my preflop playing range, and folded when I what I was playing missed the flop. From her berating me and my crazy plays, she never noticed how much I tighten up my game.

I quickly made the profit I wanted from her and left with her asking me not to go. That was one of the more fun poker sessions I've had in some time. Gotta love it when your target is begging you to stay at the table.
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