Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Update time.

First of all --- Whoa! Um, before I logged out the last time I was at this site I updated the ... ah, something in the settings part from the old to the new display. My friend's page is now completely different. It's going to take a bit for me to get used to it. In the mean time, I'm more likely than ever to miss a friends post till I get used to navigating the new format.

I hadn't realized I was trashing my old friend's page display. That was the surprise I got just now when I tried catching up with everyone.


Now on with my regularly scheduled update.

Was it just a week ago that H was here? It was another all too short visit from her last weekend.


And once again, going over some notes I made for this entry, most of the stuff doesn't really seem worth putting in here any more.


I joined this past week. Someone in the forum started an Esperanto Chess club at that website and I became its 5th member. As of just today that club has an amazing 6 members! lol

I had a brief moment of thinking of starting a Klingon group at that website, but if the Esperanto language bunch only was able to get 6 members, and so far the only activity there is all six of us writing a brief intro in Esperanto about ourselves. That's it as far as I can tell for group activity. I have a feeling if I started a Klingon group it prob. would be just as DOA as this Esperanto group seems to be so far.

Although, if you're into chess, does seem to be a very neat website dedicated to the game (playing/teaching/socializing/general news/ ... ect.)

Even with just the free basic membership, I wound up with yet another email address through them. ( -- I've got so many email address now ... I actively use maybe 4 but I easily have double that, and several I've abandoned/forgotten too.


Moving on, the Cubs are in spring training. I'm not sure when, but the first training game has to be just a week or two away. It's going to be very strange turning the radio on to listen to the games this year and not hearing Ron Santo. :-/


Oh, on a could be good news front, one of those money finding places contact Mom and I saying that Dad had a fair amount of money and, for 10% of it, this guy would help us get it (he gets nothing if we get nothing). We'll see what comes of that.

Right now, money is so tight needed things are been skipped because we can't afford them. So that would a nice little windfall, if it pans out. If only as temporary fix to our money troubles.


I'm not happy about it, but Mom got an invite to the wedding shower of my godson's future bride, and she wants me to drive her to it. That'll be a fun day of one long drive, staying out of the way of a bunch of ladies, and then another long drive back.


Hmm, looking over my list of stuff to put here, the rest isn't really worth mentioning. So I'll end this here.

:::::stopping and turning my head, listening::::: Um, I think I just heard accordion music outside. That was weird.

Anyway, later all.
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