Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Testing, testing, is this thing on? I tried to post here last night only to find the site down. As for today, well, it seems I can't type passwords correctly. It took a few tries to get into a couple different sites I need to use a password for.

I should be going to get my car looked at again, but I think I'll type this first.

Since my last entry I had my first (two!) bad DVD's from netflix. I requested the movie Zardoz, and well my DVD player kept freezing just as it got to the main menu. I reported it and sent it back they sent me another Zardoz disk and I had the same problem.

I finally wound up watching it via the internet (having to stop several times to re-buffer). Interesting movie.


Speaking of interesting movies, I watched "An Alternative to Slitting Your Wrist" last night on the documentary channel. It was an interesting movie about a guy who, to keep himself from making another suicide attempt, made a list of 52 things to do (one thing per week for a year) and one of the things on the list was make a movie. The movie was him doing the list and fighting depression.

It made me think of making a list of things to do. I just might try that, but ... ah, we'll see.


I've been wavering about starting a real podcast rather than the test runs I posted a link to so long ago. Some days I think "why should I bother?", and other days "it'll be fun even if no one listens." Ah, right now I'm thinking I should do a few and see what happens from there. I just don't know about this anymore.


I've been listening to DaHjaj-Hol. A podcast for learning tlhIngan Hol. Judging by the podcast, I've been very badly mispronouncing my Klingon. ah, ... another I just don't know bit I guess.


Finally, another kinda dumb thing I did was sign up for a week of free email chess lessons a grandmaster chess player offered to the first 200 people who registered at his new website. I'm one of the first 200 and the lessons started this past Monday. Ah, ...


Wow, I just glanced at the clock. I really need to get moving if I'm taking my car to a mechanic today. Hadn't realized what little I typed above took nearly 20 minutes.

'til next time, y'all.
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