Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Update time, I think:

First of all, at least I think is kinda a neat site. Its goal is to try to be a dictionary for every word that exists. Good luck to that, but the cascade of words falling down the screen on the main page is kinda neat if you're a word of the day type person.

I found that site through listening to this speech:

While I'm sure it will pass, I'm on a bit of a TED kick right now and playing a video they have every 3 or 4 days.


Also, I took another step closer to actually having a podcast the other day. I've been emailing a guy who is the co-host of a podcast I like, and he actually lives fairly close to me too (about a 45 minute drive).

One of the things we talked about is sound quality. I do need a better mic for my podcasts, and he surprised me the other day by saying if I'm willing to go get it from him, he'd give me one of his older microphones that I could use. It's a tempting offer.

Although, I'm almost as bad as Nero Wolfe when it comes to leaving my house, so I'll have to think it over a bit. (lol we'll see how many get that reference -- shouldn't be too difficult).


Having been forced to give up poker for a time, I need to readjust my schedule. Right now, I'm still ... adjusting. I kinda have plans but between having a string of late nights at Mom's house and other distractions, I haven't had time to settle into the new schedule I'd like.


Plus if it ever stops raining, I really need to get my grass cut. Both my yard and Mom's, are looking horrible. I'm fairly sure my mower will start, but given I haven't been doing the maintenance on it, I'm always worried in the spring the first time I try to start it.

(Chicago trib news story about all the rain:,0,6903310.story)

I guess that's about it. Later, all.
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