Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I'm in a blah mood tonight. ~shrugging~

I watched Dr. Who tonight. Can't say I'm that surprised by the big reveal at the end (no spoilers by saying more than that). However, I am a bit unhappy that the show is going on it's summer break. I didn't realize that was happening and there'd be no more new ep's for a few months.

I've also pretty much canceled every bill I was paying. No more land phone line, no more access to the premium stuff on the chess website. I haven't been subscribed to my pirate game for months. If I had the money, I'd almost be tempted to re-sub there just to play their poker games.

I was reading news about the World Series of Poker tonight, and it was making me miss online poker.

I also wrote a bit for that podcast I'm going to be starting. I'm wavering between thinking it'll be fun (at least for me, if no one else. Although I'm hoping someone will like it too), and thinking it's just another of my foolish ideas.

Ah, not much to say.
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