Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I woke up feeling awful today. My old sinus problems have been acting up. So combine a massive sinus headache with a stiff neck -- That's been puzzling me, this past year I've been getting stiff necks along with my sinus headaches. They never used to go together, but they have been this year. Seems strange to me.

Anyway, combine the above with sore legs from the exercises I've been doing with them. Throw in a sore back (I think it was a sympathy protest to show its support of my the sore legs), and you pretty much have how I felt this morning.

Because of the way I'm feeling, I'm skipping my exercises today. When I get back to it I'm adding some back and leg stretches to the routine.


So I log onto the internet today. I see my old college is having a contest to drum up people liking their new official facebook page, and will be giving prizes away at the end of the month from random drawings of everyone who has liked the page.

A 3G kindle is main prize. I'd really like that. Although the $100 second prize would be nice too, and then a bunch of other stuff.


I'm debating about doing yard work or cleaning inside the house today.

Outside, I can't decided if I've made a mistake or not. I've been battling seedlings sprouting up everywhere. Last year I noticed one growing along my fence line and it sort of had its main branch woven among the chain links of my fence. Instead of chopping it up I wove the side branches into the fence too.

This past Wednesday, I looked at that tree still going strong woven amid my chain link. I took some pruning shears and cut that tree back to just the fence leaving it like a vine growing into the fence. It's not that nice to look at right now, but I'm thinking maybe a few years down the road if I keep it trimmed to stay woven into the fence it might look nice.


I'd like to type more, and I'm sure there are plenty of topics I could touch on if my sinus headachey brain wasn't befuddled by that headache. Right now though, I can't think of anything else to add here.


Update: Oh, yeah, reading some poker news today made me want to add this. I'm still holding with my prediction that nothing will happen to change online poker's status in the US until after the 2012 elections despite the Barton Bill that's trying to go through today (I do hope it gets farther than I think it will).
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