Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I'm talking and I can't shut up! I am tired, and in full talkative mode. I think I over did it with someone a few minutes ago on the yahoo messenger. Um anyway, I will type this entry, then get some sleep.

The post from the "emergency journal network" was the combination of 3 stressful things hitting me at once. J.P. was here to take one of those old cars he bought from my folks and me. Then I finally had everything together to get the plumbers here, expected the plumber at the *same* time as J.P.

Well, J.P. showed up and took the first car. The plumbers never did show, but I accidentally let it slip I was expecting him to my father later in the day, and then I had to claim I had an appointment in 10 minutes to get out of one of his lectures about that. (I just didn't tell him the "appointment" was getting to my VCR to stop it from recording over a television show I haven't watched yet).

And as sand through an hourglass, so went this day in my life. (or some jazz like that).
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