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Mom went to the eye doctor Friday. She got some bad news that shook her. It seems people I know with eye troubles is becoming a too common theme.

Anyway, yesterday I decided to replace my shower curtain. So I was planning on going to the "main" mall in this area. Well, I got in the car and let my mind wander while I was driving. Basically I was on autopilot. I found myself going to the mall alright, but the one I always went to as a kid, and not the big one I intended.

This old mall is in obvious decline, which is one of the reasons I hardly ever go there any more, but I went there yesterday. What struck me when I went inside was not only the number of empty stores, but when I went by the food court *all* the food places but one lone hamburger stand were empty and deserted. It was a sad sight. In a way I'm glad I went there to buy my new shower curtain.

Moving on to today, I watched the start of the movie Four Friends on cable at my parents' house when I was over there. Now that movie was a box office bomb when it came out in the '80s, but it does hold a special place in my heart as many of the outdoor scenes were filmed in my little town. The people making the movie back then thought my town looked more like Gary, IN, from the 1960s then Gary does. Now not only my town is featured prominently, but the *very* block I grew up on is in many of the scenes.

So I watched the start of the movie, saw my folks' house in a blink and you'd miss it moment then came back here. After I finish this, it'll be past time I got to doing what I told myself I need to work on today.
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