Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

It has been a long day, but I figured I should make myself some hot chocolate (just the thing for being in an unheated tent in the local park for the last several hours) and write this.

I have been trying to get my business growing. Yesterday I added 3 people to my mailing list, and today one of the old swingdance group who was also working at the Halloween entertainment my town has expressed an interest. Plus next week some time I think I may expand my website adding some candle holders for a plaid person I know. Hmm, thinking of my schedule maybe I won't get to it that soon, but I'll try.

Wow ::::picking up my empty mug and looking at the bottom of the cup:::::::::: those two paragraphs took my entire mug of chocolate? I haven't even started typing about my day yet. Ok, you caught me. I began drinking the chocolate before I started typing, and I was setting my VCR to play tonight's ep of John Doe that I missed because I was working in the park. Hang on, I want another cup before I continue.

::::pausing while I make more::::::::::

Well, while it's heating in the microwave I'll continue. Where was I?

Oh, I paid my bills. I *need* to get my business growing. Anyone need thing for their home?

Over at my parents' house ... oh, the microwave's done. Just a sec.

Ok. As I was about to say, Dad was in one of his moods. I won't go into the details, but it wasn't a pleasant dinner tonight over there with them. If I hadn't committed to work at Dark in the Park with K I would have headed right back here and zone out in front of the set after that, but I did.

It was fun trying to entertain the little kids. I was working in the booth for 9 yrs old and under. Tonight I was mainly a kid herder getting them in and out and secretly signaling to K hiding behind the "pumpkin patch" to start the little pumpkin puppet like play and run the sound system. Then we told a little interactive story, and then give the kids some treats. Tomorrow, K's going to a wedding. She'll show up to help us set up, but after that I get to be the one running the play and sound system and L will be telling the interactive story.

Well, now I'll finish watching John Doe and then to bed I'm away. Hmm, and I'll put this up if AOheLL doesn't stop knocking me off line. This past week they don't seem to want me on line. :-/
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