Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
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I'm headachy and sore today. I was tired last night after getting back from that "dark in the park" thing I'm doing. It was only 3 of us running the little tent we were in charge of. L and J took turns switching between ticket taking and telling the kids the interactive story, and I ran the puppet thing all night.

I don't know how since I only had to play with the volume, play, and stop buttons on the sound system, but that kept giving me trouble last night. The CD didn't always want to start at the beginning, or sometimes not start at all.

Animating the pumpkins was easier, but it was tricker than it seemed getting the right one moving when it's voice was talking through the sound system. Having 4 arms last night would have made things easier. But it was good putting a smile on the little kids' faces.
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