Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

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Is the week over yet?

Yesterday I drove Mom to her regular appointment with the neurologist. That Dr. suggested mom have her regular Dr. check her heart. Shake up #1 for Mom.

Last night, she had a dizzy spell and fell while trying to get out of bed. She said she broke her toe. #2.

At her doctor today, that Dr. said her heart and lungs sound clear, but the toe looks septic. #3

So tomorrow I'm driving her to see a specialist at a local hospital to look at her foot.

I feel dead, and I'm just driving her around. Depending on how things go tomorrow, I may cancel out on helping K tomorrow night with her little kiddy show at the Halloween festivities.

Plus, I've got a *bunch* of work of my own piling up. Ah, for a boring day.
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