Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

One year ago today I made my first entry here in LJ. I've had other journals in the past, but those rarely survived for more than a year or two. They also had no clear purpose for me. I just wanted to get some things out of my head. Then I couldn't stand the thought of others reading them. So all my past journals were destroyed.

Here on LJ things were a little different. One of my early "reasons" for this journal was to make friends. I've done that. (Thank you, LJ friends!) While a year ago, I was a little fuzzy on the reason I created this I still would have fumbled around the ideas of making new friends, and recording my personal history and current thoughts and emotions for why I was starting this.

One thing I'm not sure I would have said was self-growth and learning. Yes, I mentioned "my changing" in this journal over the past year to the point that even I'm burned out on that topic, but at the start this journal wasn't a learning/growing tool for me.

Somewhere along the line it became that tool, as well as the other things I mentioned. I've learned I don't have the self-discipline I thought I had. I'm working on improving that. I learned I have more moments when I'm an idiot/jerk than I thought. Although, from long before this journal I freely admitted having idiotic moments. I just realized they happen more frequently than I ever suspected.

A lot has happened in these past 365 days. Some mentioned here, some only hinted at, and even more not mentioned at all.

While I don't read alt.callahan much anymore in its tradition; a toast.

To the past year, and the years to come. May livejournal continue to be a value to me and my lj friends.

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