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There is a person who I've started calling "mom's beggar" because mom falls for his sob stories and will have him do odd jobs for a couple bucks around the house. Well, he showed up here today saying how he remembered I gave him a few bucks last year to shovel snow, and how he normally works for a lady down on (name of my mom's block), but she wasn't home. I kept my mouth shut that that lady was my mom since he obviously didn't recognize me, and told him I didn't have any cash to pay him.

Strange, he has a bad back so he can't work, but yet he can walk all over town, and even offer to rake my leaves for some cash. Mom even told me he'll walk to the next town over too. Seems to me if he can walk miles on end he can find some kind of job and shouldn't go around door to door asking to do odd jobs.

On other fronts, I got a letter from my state's department of revenue today. I figured it was the regular love letter they send me reminding me they want the sales tax I've collected since the last time I sent them a check.

It was with an added twist. As of Dec. 1 Indiana State sales tax is going up a percentage, and make sure I raise the amount of sales tax I collect accordingly come Dec. 1. That's the first I've heard of the sales tax increase, but since it's straight from the horse's mouth there's no doubt it's true.

Ah, governments. Can't live with them and conspiring to overthrow them is considered illegal in most parts of the world.
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