Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I haven't been writing much here lately, so I thought I'd read my friends' journals then put in an entry of my own.

Until I read the others' journals, I wasn't going to mention that I've got about an inch of snow outside with the possibility of more later tonight. A few of you seem interested in the topic though. So I'll go throw a snowball at a street sign, or something for the snow deprived.

Moving on, I have been working on both my finances and business' newsletter lately. Which I worked on when depended on which needed the most priority at the time. So neither has been done to my satisfaction yet. Plus, I have a few other things backing up too.

I am trying to expand my business, and with the newsletter firmly on my mind I emailed a few people asking if they'd be interested in being put on my business' mailing list. Most have written back saying to go ahead, and while it's way too soon to expect others to have answered I am fighting the temptation to read more meaning into the silence than I should as I sometimes do. I'm hoping I didn't offend anyone.
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