Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I went over to my folk's house a few minutes before Mom wanted to leave. Dad was in his usual holiday mood. So after my first cup of coffee it was the time mom wanted to leave and I guestimated that Dad would foot drag for long enough for me to have a second cup of coffee. I was almost right.

On the drive there I was shocked when Dad, an expert back seat driver, not only failed to criticize my driving at all but actually fell asleep during the ride.

Well, when we got there a good time was had by all as the saying goes. D. as usual made a great dessert. A peppermint cheese cake. Yum!

We visited for a bit. I was happy to overhear Aunt Fran giving Mom the exact same advice I've been giving her on how to handle Father when he's a bit ... um, cranky, shall we say.

A little after sunset we left for home. It's been awhile since I drove out of town after dark. I'd forgotten how dark roads without street lights can get. Dad was once again unusually quiet on the drive back. Even when I made a ... um, unplanned detour with one wrong turn. It is so much easier to get back on track when I don't have to spend a few miles arguing before I'm allowed to figure out how to get where we should be.

Talking to Mom today I also think Boots will be going back to the vet next week some time. She's losing too much weight. I am worried about her.
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