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On Thanksgiving Mom told about a local event she attended. Part of that event included everyone telling their ethnic backgrounds. Now a good part of my local area is Czech, and I guess most were saying that. Mom's turn and she says Bohemian. Everyone looks at her like she's being a snob or something. Yes, what was Bohemia is now part of the Czech Republic, but it was Bohemia that my ancestors left, and my family still claims that long dead country as part of our heritage. Any relative of mine, not just Mom, will say Bohemia is the "old" country and part of our ethnic background. I don't see what's wrong with that. [When I was spellchecking this I discovered something that may apply here. My dictionary's definition of Czech: A native or inhabitant of Czechoslovakia, especially a Bohemian, Moravian, or Silesian.]

So anyway, they also wanted everyone to bring a dish from your ethnic background to the next meeting. At the Thanksgiving dinner after Mom said all this they asked Mom what was she bringing and started naming some old Bohemian dishes; Bohemian coleslaw, sauerkraut, duck?

Mom just smiled and said she's going to take an Italian dish with her, but hadn't figured out what. After all, that's our background too.

Moving on to today, I was coming back here from my folks' house and noticed the a/c cover I had put on had come off. @#$@#$%@#!!! So back into their house, grab some duk tape and the ladder. Well, making a short story longer, the cover's back on, the little elastic on that cover is wrapped around the unit better than before, and hopefully it'll stay on all winter now.
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