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I'm taking a break from an all night work session.

Most of my daytime hours were spent in enforced non-productivity. It all began at lunch. I went over to my folk's house for lunch amid a pretty good snow storm. I found out Dad had a doctor's appointment, and while Mom normally is willing to drive him there she was scared of driving in the snow. So summing the afternoon up, I spent it in a doctor's waiting room writing a introspective essay on my handheld computer that may or may not eventually find it's way into my friends only section.

After we got back from the doctor it was already four o'clock. I wolfed down a snack for my supper, then shoveled out my parents' home, put some gas in Mom's car (she was letting it get *way* too low for the cold temps we've been having), and came back here to work.

About an hour or two into working I get a phone call. My folks can't find Boots, and I had to go back over there to look for her. I get over there and add to the general hysteria (all the while saying that she's not coming out from wherever she is until things calm down).

Well, eventually things calmed down. Mom put out some food for Boots thinking that would get her out of hiding. However, none of us was bright enough to watch the bowl. 15 minutes later the bowl was empty, but no cat was in sight.

So along the same line of thought I opened a can of tuna after the empty food bowl debacle. I drained the juice and to get the odor of tuna really going started pouring the juice back and forth between two bowls. Within a minute or so of pouring the tuna liquid back and forth Boots showed up saying she was ready for her tuna. So I set up a bowl of tuna for all of the cats then left. Another hour of working time gone.

I get back here and a pleasant distraction occurred. H called to thank me for the flowers I sent her (which she still hasn't gotten, but I don't even want to start that story of missed connections).

Well, 3 hours of work and my business' newsletter is ready to be printed out for everyone on the mailing list. Which brings us to the present moment.

Now I'll put this up, make another cup of coffee for myself, then get back to work printing out my newsletter, and, if I have the energy, tackle my budget that I had scheduled to do today also.
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