Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I have been contemplative lately. Nothing new in that I suppose, and most of my contemplations have been on "duh, that's obvious" things that despite my 30 some years I never really understood before. So I won't bore you with the details here.

The actual week itself has been more or less the same old same old. Monday I received a few interesting things in the mail. A booklet from some lawyer saying he's got a class action lawsuit against American Express and I might be included in the settlement. I still haven't really read it yet. I read the first half page or so and got the gist of it just as my eyes were starting to glaze over from all the lawyer talk it's written in. This weekend I think I'll have to struggle through it. Something about Amex doing something funky with interest rates on credit card balances awhile back.

I also got a newsletter from my fraternity. I enjoyed reading that. I guessed I missed a good reunion. I think I mentioned someone from those days who I called "my Mexican buddy" here on lj a few times. The newsletter said he won the mileage award for having traveled the farthest to get to the reunion this past year.

That newsletter also said the hit of the reunion was a 600+ picture slide show of the last 30 years the chapter. They also went on to say they were selling CD's of that slide show (and, as always, could use the money -- this time because the furnace is broken and the House is without heat). I may just cut them a check. I know I'd like to see the slide show. Although the best I can do is view the pic's on my Mac, the slide show itself is PC only. I may just get the CD and see if I can get K to run the show on her computer for me sometime.

Yesterday, I got a book (and a few Christmas presents) I ordered from Amazon. I'm already 2/3rd's of the way through the book.

Today was the monthly trip of driving Mom to her Doctor. The Dr. doesn't like that Mom's ankles have been swollen for some time now and says that could indicate either heart or kidney problems and ordered a bunch of tests. So next week I get to spend the day in another waiting room. I am burned out on this kind of thing. It used to be one of many things that frustrated me. Now it just is a fact that I have to take at least one day, and lately more than one day, per month to drive someone to some doctor.
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