Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I have been busy with the daily routine, and busy with my stupid, nonstop thinking. Most of my ponderings aren't worth mentioning. The main reason I am is that my latest attempt at creative writing seems to have ... hijacked some of my musings and it got less fictional and more metaphysical than I'm happy about -- Not really the start of story at all. Oh, well, there's always the rewrite.


He sits alone, eyes closed, and totally still. Suddenly, his eyes open and his face becomes a mask of determination.

"Now" He breaks the total silence with that one, unemotional utterance. He then takes action.

The action? Becoming who he wants to become. He has been fettering his life. It is time he decided that the time is now. Past time actually.

And these are the chronicles of his becoming.
There are levels to becoming. On the simplest level, the very decision to become more makes him so. On a deeper level, decisions and thoughts mean nothing. On that level he will not be the master he wants to become until he has accomplished the successes he needs to achieve.

His thoughts recognize both these things and the inherent inconsistency of the two levels.

The practical level. What actions will get him just a little closer to becoming his own master? Why doesn't he do them? No! Asking why something does not happen gives excuses as answers. Either he can become despite any obstacle in his way, or he will never become even if all obstacles are removed.

In other words, "What will be will be?" BULLSHIT! He is already HIM. Yet, he lets himself remain unmade.

The power is within. He has studied the mind. Yet he cannot understand himself the way he can understand others. It is a matter of perspective and distance. Trying to distance himself from himself is a sure way to undo any progress toward becoming.

Take the steps toward becoming. Baby steps. There is no hurry. Act like HIM where and when he can. Where and when he cannot act like HIM look at the specifics of the situation. Why isn't he acting like HIM? What action would get him just a little more like HIM -- It doesn't matter if that action will not cause him to become HIM. Just take actions to act a little more like HIM each day.

On the simplest level he is already HIM. On the practical level, as long as he continues taking actions to become just a little more like HIM, then he is becoming HIM. His becoming may take a lifetime, but each action taken gets him that much closer.
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