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My folks have a lamp that hasn't worked right in years. So today they decide to replace it. I find out they want me to do the driving just before they want to leave. So I fight the holiday traffic and Dad's back seat driving to get to the store.

We get there, my folks look at lamps and are ... well, being themselves shall we say. I, being myself too, am trying to distance myself from the show and am wandering back and forth a few isles away. They discover there are no 3 way lamps, which Dad prefers, but he says he'd make do with a regular one. Well, the show continues as they try to pick one.

About 5 isles away from Mom shouting into Dad's one good ear, I find those new fluorescent bulbs that can replace the regular incandescent ones. I figured I'd try them as I have a ceiling light that needed 2 of the 3 bulbs in it replaced. So I find a good deal on a pack of 4 of them and head back to the "entertainment."

Mom has the tape measure out by the time I wander back to them and they are measuring the size of the lamps now. I'm dragged over to help hold the tape measure. Gee, thanks, Mom. Well, eventually they settle on one, except Mom doesn't like the shade with it and several more minutes is spent picking a new shade.

The sales person starts the paperwork and discovers the lamp they picked is one of a set and goes to get the other one. Mom sends me to go get a second shade while she's also mumbling about not knowing where to put this extra lamp. Ok, we have the second lamp and shade. The sales lady is just about finished with whatever form she's filling out for us when Dad, finally catching up to the fact we told him they didn't have any 3 way lights at the very beginning of this performance states, "If it's not a 3 way lamp, I don't want it."

Me, I just shook my head and tried walking away again. The saleslady gave me a sympathetic look and said "that's Ok." So all we bought was my light bulbs at that first store.

We went to another store, circled the parking lot twice trying to find a parking space. Just as I was told to my relief that I could give up and head home a car pulls out almost in front of us and now I'm told to get that parking spot. So much for going home.

Well, Dad, says he's not up to walking and will stay in the car. Mom and I go in, and find a 3 way lamp. Then spend double the time it took to pick the lamp picking a shade for it. We battle the crowd to the cash register line and wait in line 10 minutes (it was the express line of 12 items or less too).

Well, that was my afternoon. It was 4 o'clock by the time we get back. I tell Mom that there were things I had planned to do and now I'm going to skip having dinner with them to get them done. I leave and then treated myself to a restaurant meal before I came back here. Chicken soup and chicken parmesan with spaghetti --yum!
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