Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I have been quiet lately both because there isn't much to say (i.e., I'm in a rut), and I haven't been moved to want to put much in here lately.

Anyway, a friend made me realize it's been too long since I checked my post office box, and so I decided to take a walk over there. Being Christmas Eve, the town is pretty much dead. There are few cars on the road. A mailman making his deliveries, two kids playing in front of their house, and an older couple getting out of a car were the extent of humanity I saw on my walk.

The air was brisk (or invigorating as my Father used to say). Walks are a good time to slow down and just enjoy what is around you. I past the home of a friend's father, he has a fountain in his yard that is visible from the sidewalk. It was drained for the winter of course, but I looked over to it and saw a good several inches of ice on the bottom of it. My imagination superimposed the image of it full of water and a single jet of water spraying from the pump in the center as it looks in the summer when it's working.

Farther on, a house across the street from the local high school was prominently promoting school spirit more than holiday decorations. Hey! A few houses down from that one I find a dollar bill on the sidewalk. I smile as I pick it up and put it in my coat pocket.

At the post office my PO box is crammed with the usual junk mail I expected. It also had two Christmas cards that I should have found much sooner. A twinge of guilt flashed through me for not making this walk sooner. I found this month's newsletter from a local bonsai club I used to attend. I avoid their December meetings deliberately. I haven't been able to go to the regular ones, I shouldn't show up for the annual party they have in December. That wouldn't be right.

There is also a letter from my local phone company. Opening it just now I find it's a phone card for 37 minutes of free local calls. Apparently they had a class action lawsuit against them and giving out 37 free minutes was part of the settlement.

That has been my day today more or less. I wanted to write some in here. After I finish with livejournal, I think I'll put on some Christmas music and start wrapping my presents to give tomorrow.
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